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Last 20 Meals

Taco Salads
We will make a bell pepper based filling and a carrot based filling, and will have greens. Feel free to bring other fillings too! NOTE: Time changed!
Vegan Option
Crawfish boil!!
3 sacks plus the fixins and vegetarian options on the side.
Vegan Enchiladas with Pumpkin Sauce
Yummy enchiladas with black beans, pumpkin, and turmeric.
Chinese-British Fusion Bangers and Mash
Chinese style sausages with "egg-fried" mash (mashed potatoes with peas and bits of fried egg) served with carrots.
Super bowl Potluck
Thus far: white beans, bbq shrimp, cornbread.
Thai Red Curry
Mild to Medium - You can choose Veggies and Tofu *Uses fish sauce With fresh limes
Vegetarian Shepherds Pie
A mushroom, carrot and parsnip based shepherds pie
Baked (Potatoes + Beans)
The British call them "jacket potatoes" -- how quaint.
Challenge Accepted
Canceled, gotta work
The 9th ward market was closed on Wednesday, and we had a ridiculous amount of fresh baked baguettes. No one took them, so I'm turning them into Pain Perdue
Toad in the Hole (British Style)
Sausages in yorkshire pudding basically. Served with vegetables.
Vegetarian Option
British Cuisine
Asparagus on the fly
Asparagus to be cooked with Toad in The Hole Tuesday!
Eat some Ribs with the Saints!
The Saints will be there via television...
Gluten Free
Seafood Gumbo
Seafood Gumbo...nuff said I'm gonna try and bring enough jasmine rice.
Mom's no ketchup meatloaf
Ground meats, mixed with cheese, fluffed with delight.
Mom's Birthday Dinner
Meatball Fondue Outrageous bean dip Maryland Crab Cakes All items Gluten free
Erin's rockstar gumbo
Erin makes the best gumbo in town, come on out and see for yourself!
Carrots Trade!
Anyone interested in trading 3-5 pounds of carrots (Ah Costco) for something we might actually use in time (wishlist--onions!) I got the bulk produce blueeees!
Beta Carotene
Glow Bowls
I will provide arugula, herb mix, couscous, rice, shaved brussel sprouts, carrots, edemame, avocado, apple cider vinegar, sesame seeds etc. so you cannassemble your very own healthy food bowl!!
Hamburgers & Saints
Hamburgers cooked on the Big Green Egg with a side of the Saints Season Opener against the Vikings!
Gluten Free
Jack Daniels Ribs
Broiled and slow roasted ribs smothered in Jack Daniels honey BBQ sauce