Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sell food on PalFed?
PalFed does not provide any mechanism for taking payment for food, it simply allows you to share what you are making to see who might be interested in eating it and help to co-ordinate that.
So can I charge my friends for the food?
Legally? It depends on the laws where you live and we cannot advise you on that!
Can I contribute towards food that a friend is making?
Of course! You could bring drinks, a side dish, a desert, or even make a monetary contribution towards the ingredients. It's what friends do!
How do I find new friends on PalFed?
Make sure you check the Pal Finder frequently for people you know. Connecting to a new friend will bring new connections in Pal Finder. If you have friends who are not yet signed up, you can invite them by email, facebook, sharing a link or even have a QR code for them to scan. Just click on invite when you are logged in.!

Another good strategy is that anytime you make food, to use the share () icon and post it on Facebook, or send it to your friends. They will then see that you are making something and have the invite all in one!
I got a friend request from someone I don't know. Can I add them?
We recommend that you don't and we remind you that PalFed cannot be held responsible or liable for anything that results from doing so. Obviously we can't stop you from adding people you don't know, but ask yourself these two questions:

1. Would you want to eat food made by someone you don't know, unless they had been certified to prepare and serve food?

2. Would you want people you don't know coming over to your house to eat or pickup portions of food that you have made?
How is this different from a supper club?
Supper clubs are more about a food event, where you are eating something perhaps more gourmet than usual and you might dress up for it. Certainly you would all eat together. With PalFed, it's much more informal and the food doesn't have to be special or fancy. People might take portions home, or all come at different times to eat. As the person making the food, you get to say how it will go down. Formal, dress up, on-time dinner party? Put it in the notes! Take-away only? Your choice!!
How do I know that the food is safe to eat?
You should only ever connect with people that you know and trust in terms of food preparation. If you wouldn't go over to a friend's house for dinner because you have concerns about their hygiene or food preparation safety, then you shouldn't claim any portions of their food on PalFed. If you don't trust someone's cooking skills, don't claim a portion!
What can I post on PalFed?
Anything food related! Making cookies? Share them with your friends. Making your normal food? See if anyone wants a portion - you don't have to make extra if no-one claims any portions! Buying pizza and want to share? See if your friends want a slice.
What about moochers?
There will always be people who take more than they give. In terms of PalFed shared food, you can look at the ratio of eats to shares for your friends to see where they stand. Of course some people may eat more, but always bring something to a meal, whether it's wine, dessert or a contribution. It is possible to hide or block friends, or create groups to help manage these and other situations. At the end of the day, however, these are your friends, so the best way to deal with it is to quietly and politely make sure that they know your perspective.
I'm not in the USA. Can I still use PalFed?
You certainly can! As long as you are not breaking any local laws, you can use PalFed where-ever you live. If you are outside of the USA, you can also upgrade your account with your local currency credit card. This will of course incur a transfer fee, but until we are able to offer multiple currencies, that's just part of the cost. If you want to contribute monetarily towards the ingredients of the food a friend is making, that would be (of course) in your local currency and not a part of the service offered by PalFed