Make some extra for your hungry friends!

Don't feel
like cooking?

Look at your friend menu and dine at a friend's house!

Share Your Meals

PalFed aims to connect people who are planning to cook with their friends who are hungry. Adding just a little extra effort can mean spare portions for friends!

A Social Media Network

PalFed is about sharing food within your social network. The definition of sharing is up to you - whether you cook, bring some wine, contribute towards the ingredients or wash the dishes. Whatever definition is chosen, everyone has fun!

Motivate Yourself to Cook

Do you wish that you cooked more often, but find it hard to get the motivation? Post the things you want to make, because as soon as one or more friends claim a portion, you had better follow through and make it, or you are letting your friends down!

Check It Out!

View the stats page to see the last 20 meals that have been made.

PalFed is currently invite only, but see if any of your friends have an account, because once you have one, you can invite as many friends as you like!

Connect with us on social media below or let us know your email address for updates!